Facts & Figures: Stadt Neuenstadt am Kocher



Facts & Figures

Interesting facts about Neuenstadt am Kocher

The central town in the lower Kocher and Brettach Valleys is the focal point of the homonymous administrative district with a population of more than 17,000 inhabitants, as well as being home to local administrative offices and various municipal service authorities. The main locality of Neuenstadt is situated on a narrow ridge between the Kocher and Brettach Rivers, 182 m above mean sea level. Thanks to its excellent infrastructure, Neuenstadt is an ideal starting point for trips to nearby historic sites.

It’s also a great destination for hikers, with trails running through 733 hectares of mixed forest featuring amenities such as rest areas, playgrounds and picnic sites. As a link between the population centres of Heilbronn and the sparsely settled hinterland between the Jagst, Kocher and Brettach Rivers by virtue of its geographic location, Neuenstadt is not only an ideal location for industry and commerce but also a town with high residential quality, as well as excellent shopping amenities and recreational opportunities.

Home to established companies

Having a central location, Neuenstadt am Kocher is also home to established companies and numerous small and medium-sized businesses. Worth emphasising are, among other things, the school complex including a school for special needs, as well as lower, middle and upper secondary modern schools. Additional administrative authorities are located in Öhringen, Heilbronn, Stuttgart, and colleges of higher education are, for example, located in Künzelsau, Aalen and Heilbronn.

The town of Neuenstadt consists of the core town and 4 subdivisions with the following populations (as at 30.09.2013):

  • Neuenstadt am Kocher: 4,662 inhabitants 
  • Bürg: 735 inhabitants 
  • Cleversulzbach: 800 inhabitants 
  • Kochertürn: 1,058 inhabitants 
  • Stein am Kocher: 2,453 inhabitants
  • Total: 9,708 inhabitants

The municipality has a total area of 4,117 hectares.